Celebrate Earth Hour on March 28, 2015.
From 8:30-9:30 p.m. in your time zone.
written by: Staff.
Switch from Red to Green (From Nuclear to Clean Energy).
Includes a Power Stock Report Card.
written by: Natalie Pace.
7 Ways that Gratitude Leads to Wealth.

written by: Natalie Pace, author of The Gratitude Game.
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Daily Bread:
"The chapter-a-day program outlined in The Gratitude Game creates permanent, lasting change and replaces debt consciousness with prosperity consciousness. It is designed to make living a rich life and enjoying abundance the way life is for you your daily habit. "
- Natalie Pace, author, The Gratitude Game
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Republicans control both the House and the Senate. Are you...
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I am more bullish on stocks and ready to jump into the stock market.
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I am still bearish on stocks and waiting on the sidelines.
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It's all a House of Cards waiting to fall. I'm a Gold Bug.
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Newsletter - Current Issue Vol 12 Issue 3
March 3, 2015

Health is the best health insurance. Fiscal health is the best retirement plan. Most of the leading causes of death are preventable by eating right and exercising. Debt is preventable, too, with healthy fiscal habits."

Natalie Pace
author, The Gratitude Game

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