What is your relationship with your nest egg?
Fantastic! I sleep easily at night knowing that my nest egg is protected, diversified and profiting.
Not so good. I worry a lot, and feel pretty helpless.
Pretty good. I'm riding high right now.
So so. Some years I feel great, while others I feel at risk.
Terrible. I followed some very bad advice and I'm now bankrupt.

Republicans control both the House and the Senate. Are you...
I am more bullish on stocks and ready to jump into the stock market.
I am still bearish on stocks and waiting on the sidelines.
I'm sick of all of them. Buying a home abroad.
It's all a House of Cards waiting to fall. I'm a Gold Bug.

Gas and oil prices are at a 3-year low. Where will you spend/invest that extra money?
Buying gifts.
Funding my retirement accounts!
Paying down debt.
Treating myself to a nice vacation!
What extra money?

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