Are you...
American Express
Debit Card.

My certified financial planner is...
a friend. I stay loyal in good times and bad.
a genius. Protects me in downturns, great gains in bull markets.
a rock star. I made 26% gains in the last year!
a saint. Would do anything to protect my assets and increase profits.
ehh. Up this year. Down during recessions. Riding the rollercoaster.
me! I manage my own money.
The Wolf of Wall Street. Commissions! Fees! I only get a call when there is something to sell.

The Dow dropped 318 points on Jan. 24, 2014.
Cash under the mattress time.
Dow drops to 13,000 or lower before summer.
I like NASDAQ better than the debt-laden Dow.
I'm a gold bug! Gold soars above $2000 before summer.
I'm buying real estate.
Stocks are scary. Bonds are time-bombs.
Temporary pullback. U.S. stocks are still the best investment in the world.
The Feds save the day with continued QE policy.

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