What is your relationship with your nest egg?
Fantastic! I sleep easily at night knowing that my nest egg is protected, diversified and profiting.
Not so good. I worry a lot, and feel pretty helpless.
Pretty good. I'm riding high right now.
So so. Some years I feel great, while others I feel at risk.
Terrible. I followed some very bad advice and I'm now bankrupt.

What's on your bucket list?
African Safari
Amazon river tour with an indigenous shaman.
Ashram in India
Caribbean Islands.
Climb Mt. Everest
Dive (or snorkel) the Great Barrier Reef.
Gondolas in Venice, L'Opera in Verona, Vatican in Rome, Florence art tour!
Greek Islands and the Acropolis.
Machu Picchu.
Natalie Pace Investor Edu Retreat
Penguins in Antartica!
Petra in Jordan
Pyramids in Egypt.
Road trip across the U.S.
The Big Apple! Broadway + 911 Memorial.
The Great Wall of China.
Tour of the Castles of Europe
Trip around the world.
Trip to the Space Station.
Washington DC & monuments

How Are You Responding to ISIS in Iraq?
I like oil stocks. Prices will stay high. I'll make a lot of dough.
I'm buying an electric car. Oil prices will stay high. I'll save a lot of dough.
I'm buying gold.
Keeping my investment strategy as is.
Most of my "nest egg" is in cash.
Worried, but don't know what to do.

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